Here at AC(DM)2, we take an holistic approach to engineering and business problems, by recognizing that, the knowledge extracted from data needs to be converted into an actionable intelligence, and eventually, into efficient decisions, that frequently are made under uncertainty. Therefore, we employ methods from decision-making theory for establishing quantitative decision-making processes that are supported by the insights obtained from the data. Establishing a decision-making process at the early stages of the solution frequently helps to define appropriate data mining methods for extracting required and substantial knowledge. Integrating data mining and decision-making methods is more beneficial than the traditional approach of mining data followed by decision making. Recently, we have applied the integrative approach of data mining and decision-making methods to problems from several different areas, including online retail, utilities, finance, and homeland security.
AC(DM)2 Team
The members of the center have vast experience in relevant data-mining and decision-making scientific areas.
In the past few years, members of the center have taken part in research projects that are supported by academic and industry grants (e.g., Mekorot – the Israeli National Water Company, National Institute for Homeland Security and Israeli Chief Scientist). The members of the center regularly present their work at scientific conferences and publish research papers in international scientific journals.
Our Services
  • Consulting – We help our clients develop data analysis and data-driven decision models using state-of-the-art approaches
  • Model Development – developing a data analysis model and verify model validity on client-supplied test data.